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Luminox Enters the Fourth Dimension

Luminox has been active in the realms of Sea, Air and Landsince 1989 and is now getting ready to explore the fourth dimension – Space. As a key partner in the space project of SXC (Space Expedition Corporation), Luminox is committed to making passenger space flights possible.

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New ANU Watch Series

2014 has seen the launch of the Luminox Authorised for Navy Use (ANU) watch collection. Luminox has been a front runner in producing some of the leading timepieces designed for sea, air and land...

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World Record-Breaking 30-Mile Dive

Scott Cassell will face the biggest challenge of his life: completing a world-record breaking 30-mile dive in less than 24 hours from Catalina Island to Los Angeles. Armed with state of the art equipment including a computer controlled Mixed Gas Rebreather, Luminox’s Essential Gear timepiece for divers and an acoustic shark attractor.

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About  the Luminox Shop - South Africa's largest authorised online watch retailer

In extreme situations, decisions are made in the blink of an eye. You have to be able to rely on a watch that guarantees perfect visibility at a single glance. Luminox watches are Swiss made and equipped with a unique self-powered illumination system. Without have to push a button or expose the timepiece to a light source, the time is continuously visible for up to 25 years. This is what makes our Luminox watches essential gear and why the United States Navy SEALS have chosen Luminox. Luminox developed the first Navy SEAL watch series in 1993. The unique combination of stealth and visibility is also why the U.S. Air Force F-117 Nighthawk pilots requested Luminox watches. Luminox watches have always been essential. If watch is durable enough for the world’s toughest elite force. It will stand up to any other rugged outdoor use. Explore this year’s collection of Luminox timepieces and see for yourself. The Luminox shop is South Africa's leading authorised online retailer of Luminox watches. To view our complete collection please click on one of the following links : Luminox Sea, Luminox Air and Luminox Land watches.

All of the products advertised on our Watch Finder online store come with a full South African warranty. Due to the fact that we keep large amounts of stock in South Africa delivery is express and to your door! Be sure to visit Watch Finder regularly as we offer great weekly watch specials as well as other feature items. (Sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop on specials and new product arrivals)